Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan, Malaysia

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Malaysia Sekinchan Selangor

Pantai Redang Beach (热浪沙滩) at Sekinchan is especially lively during weekends and public holidays where the market dominates the scene.  It is also where the TVB drama (单城双恋) took some of their scenes at.

Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan
The board that says “I Love Sekinchan” is a favorite spot for shutterbugs.

Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 9 Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 10
A hidden gem on the beach is the raw oyster stall with an uncle that shucks open the oysters right there and then.  The stall sells coconut juice too.  Raw oysters and coconut may seem an unlikely pair, but the combination is just to-die-for, where chilled oysters are topped with home-made chili sauce and a drizzle of lemon, accompanied with the soothing sweetness of coconut juice.

The uncle that cracks open the oysters maintains his coolness; doesn’t talk much and just does his job.

Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 6 Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 4It is easy to snack away the afternoon with fresh produce, dried seafood, snacks and these ultra-crisp prawn crackers.

Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 2 Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 3
The wishing tree on the beach with entangled ribbons is an eye catching one.  To make a wish, throw a red ribbon knotted with coins onto the tree.

Pantai Redang Beach @ Sekinchan 5
I am not sure how the wish is going to come true, but it was sure fun watching others do it !

The part of the beach that the market operates is unfortunately not too pretty, spoiled by rubbish dotted on the beach.

However, if you are willing to go a little bit further, the next section is much cleaner with red soil on an elevated ground that separates the sea and the palm tree plantation. This is also the secret place for local couples where they roam around in motorbikes, catching a blissful sunset (this aerial view is taken from the watch tower at the rear end of Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort).

More Info
Address : Redang Beach, Jalan Pantai Redang, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia.



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