Damnoen Saduak Floating Market @ Bangkok

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Bangkok Thailand

There are many floating markets around Bangkok with Damnoen Saduak being one of the bigger ones that’s an incredible place to visit.  The market has plenty of tropical fruits to savor and it’s bustling with noise where shoppers & vendors chatter away.  

The vendors work on space constrained little boats that are well equipped with sauces, ingredients, seasonings, big pots and even gas tanks.

DSC_3293 DSC_3210 DSC_3212
Be assured that your meal or snack will be whipped up in style, done in composure while maintaining balance on the boat at the same time!

This lady with the fruits is totally adorable!

DSC_3305 DSC_3302
The boat ride is a good way to cruise through the market though it gets really congested at certain areas.  I guess the traffic does not only apply to the roads in Bangkok but on the water as well!

DSC_3221 DSC_3222

The market though has gotten pretty commercial and they are stalls set up along the canal bank selling crafts, souvenirs and clothing.
The things are not bad if you love shopping.

DSC_3228 DSC_3217
But if you’ve already done all your shopping and just want to look around, you might feel a little pushed as the boats do intentionally bring you close to the stalls, hoping you can buy more; and the vendors are extremely eager for your business.

When I got off the boat, I looked around for food and I actually enjoyed wandering along the canal bank more than being in the boat, seeing the lively market from there without being pushed to buy things.  There are of course lots of souvenir shops on the canal banks too for shopping at your own pace. 

DSC_3251 DSC_3252
I ordered pork noodles in red soup, where the red coloring comes from fermented bean paste.  The noodles are essentially a variation of Chinese noodles with more tangy soup and crunchy peanuts to give the Thai flavor.

DSC_3242 DSC_3245
My Thai coffee was aromatic but too sweet for me.  The coffee came with “youtiao”, or Chinese fried bread stick, so naturally I dipped the “youtiao” into the coffee to try the unusual duo with an amusing taste.

I must say, the locals are super friendly and they love visitors to get a nice shot of their country.  The crab vendor at the Maeklong Railway Market signaled me to his stall so I can catch a photo of the train running above his crabs, and the vendor at the water market asked me to change table, showing me the table with an unobstructed view so I can get a nice shot of the noodles with the water market behind as the background.

Enjoy a few more photos below 🙂

More Info on Getting There
1.  Hire a cab to get there.
2.  Take the sky train to Victory Monument Station and take the mini van from there at only 90 Baht per person.  The van leaves once it gets filled up.
3.  For me, I took a tour package at 700 Baht per person which covered the railway market and the floating market   




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