Marilyn Monroe Mural @ Ipoh, Malaysia

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Ipoh Malaysia

marilyn-monroe-mural-ipoh 6
Yesterday I was at Burps & Giggles for brunch and had a bit of fun with the whimsical Marilyn Monroe mural just outside.  It’s on the little lane that’s next to Burps & Giggles so don’t miss it!  

marilyn-monroe-mural-ipoh 3
If you are seeing this picture for the first time, the mural may seem awfully realistic and popping out to life because indeed part of the mural IS popping out – look again – half of the bicycle is real while the other is within the painting! The stick that the kids use to lift up Marilyn’s skirt is popping out too!

marilyn-monroe-mural-ipoh 2marilyn-monroe-mural-ipoh 5
The lane is aptly named “Monroe’s Place”, in the City of Ipoh 30,000, a nostalgic lane peeling apart with patches of remnant colors.

Burps & Giggles Ipoh
If you explore around Burps & Giggles a little more, there’s a huge Marilyn-Monroe-like mural within,

marilyn-monroe-mural-ipoh 1
another Marilyn Monroe with the front part of the bicycle in the newly opened Buku Tiga Lima adjacent to Burps & Giggles.  My favorite one is still the one at Monroe’s place with the kids – I think that has captured the essence of Marilyn Monroe’s sexiness.

burps-giggles-ipoh 2
More 3D murals within!

burps-giggles-ipoh 1
When is the last time you went on a swing?

Just one shop lot away, there’s one more mural by the same artist Kareem.  I think the two ladies are salt farming?

Anyway, here is what I ate for brunch – smoked chicken sandwich, with chunky Japanese cucumber and egg (RM16).  Was stuffed!

More Info on Burps and Giggles
Address: 93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh Perk, Malaysia
(Behind Kong Heng)
Email:  burps.giggles[at]
Operating Hours – 8am – 8pm.  Closed on Tuesdays. (But the mural is always there 24 hours as it’s outside).




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