That 60’s Fever – 10 Inspirations from The Sound of Music

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The 60’s is a golden decade full of musical movies with timeless classics such as Mary Poppins, West Side Story, My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music.  The Sound of Music is one absolute classic that everyone must have seen it at some point of their lives.  The movie runs with a simple story line where Maria, the postulant (played by Julie Andrews) is sent away to govern Captain von Trapp’s  seven children.  She loves the children dearly, teaches them how to sing, and eventually develops a demure romance with Captain von Trapp (naturally).   

The movie is stunning with all the dances, unforgettable songs and every time I watch it, I smile with my heart and think it has one of the best happily-ever-afters.  Furthermore, the movie beams with positive energy and it is full of inspirations that we can learn and apply to work, love and life in general.

1.  Solve Problems With a Positive Attitude.   Maria is a bit of a trouble maker in the Abbey and the sisters are cracking their heads with “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria”.  They debate, voice out different opinions and set out to find a solution.

2.  Be Resourceful.  Look around, perhaps you don’t have to look too far for what you need.  If you have no material to make new clothes, what do you do? Use the curtains instead like Maria!

3. Divert Negative Energy.  There are ups and downs in life and when times are low, pessimism can seep into your mind and drag you down even more emotionally.   Think about your “favorite things”, be it “raindrops on roses” or “whiskers on kittens”, divert the negative energy away, and then you won’t feel so bad.

4.  Appreciate Little Things in Life.  Perhaps little things like “bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens” can make you happy.   It doesn’t have to be posh cars or extravagant jewellery.  For me, being able to wake up late on the weekends and leisurely sip my coffee is enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day.

5.  If you still can’t be happy after thinking about your favorite things, think about the playful tune of “Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo, Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo” and try humming it in your head.  I smile broadly to that song every time I hear it.

6.  Happiness is Contagious.  The movie is such a delight, everyone is so happy in it, it’s not possible  to be not influenced by that kind of joy and merriment.  So be happy, be the one to spread the happiness and influence others with cheerful energy.

7.  Simplify the Learning Process.  “Doe, a deer a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun…”, and you know the rest.  The Doe-Re-Mi song is not only music made simple, but it’s a strategy used to reduce the learning curve.

8.  Letting Go with Dignity.  The baroness who almost married Captain von Trapp realizes that the captain really does not love her.  She let go, walked away elegantly, understanding that there’s no use trying to hold onto someone that wants to go.

9.  Love Fades.  The captain plans an escape  for the family after winning the singing competition. Rolfe, his daughter’s (ex) lover, has turned from a loving boy at the beginning of the movie to a pro-Nazi by the end of the movie, finds the family in hiding and hesitantly exposes them.  Different goals in life can distant lovers and love fades as circumstances change.

10  And lastly, Austria and Switzerland are gorgeous countries I hope sometime in the near future I have a chance to go there 🙂

So what are your inspirations?

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  1. unexpectedincommonhours

    What a great post! This is one of my favorite movies, and I have seen it many times performed as a stage play. Only yesterday I was singing The Doe-Re-Mi song! Wonderful lessons to learn from a wonderful movie.

    1. KJ @

      Thank you for your kind words! This is a great movie indeed, so simple yet so heart warming. I don’t have any kids yet but it’s one movie I will make sure my kids get to watch!

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