Wanaka to Mount Cook @ New Zealand

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Mackenzie New Zealand

On our way driving from Wanaka to Mount Cook, we passed by a little village – Tarras.  You can spot the local grocery store (where we got our ice cream), and the souvenir shop easily along state highway 8. 

Don’t forget to check out the Shrek house behind !  Not the Disney Shrek, but Shrek the hermit Merino wether from Tarras.  Normally Merino wethers are shorn annually.  But somehow, Shrek hid in a cave and avoided being shorn for 6 years.  When he was found, he looked like a big bulge of cotton candy ( you can see pictures of him before and after shorn,  at Shrek House).  His fleece weighed 27kg, 6 times more than an average Merino fleece!

We later stopped by Peter’s Lookout before reaching our destination – Mount Cook.

Arrival at Mount Cook Village.

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