Pre Wedding Photography With Ivy Bridal, Taipei, Taiwan, Day 3

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Pre Wedding Photography Taipei Taiwan

We reached Ivy Bridal at 8am in the morning.   We needed an early start as we had 6 locations to go, each with dresses and hair styles to change in between.  There are so many beautiful places in Taiwan I want to go for the photo shoot but I could only limit myself to 6 locations.

The first location we went for the shoot was Bopiliao Old Street (剝皮寮老街) in Wanhua District.

If you like that vintage feel with red bricks and torn walls, Bopiliao is a good place for you to take photos.  Bopi literally means “to peel”.  There’s two versions of how the street got its name.  One saying is that the residents of the street were dealing with leather products, which required skinning animals pelts, and hence the name “Bopiliao”.  Another saying is that during the Qing Dynasty, wood imported from Fuzhou Province were processed which required stripping off the bark, and hence the name.  Today, Bopiliao is a well preserved famous tourist site in Wanhua District, where you can see buildings that were restored from the Qing period.  It is also where the Taiwanese movie Monga (艋舺) was filmed.

Bopiliao Old Street (I took the photo while I was getting my hair and make up done).

Saw this very cute doggie at the old street.

Our second location was Tai Tung University 大同大學.  The university has a beautiful building , Shan Chih Hall, with similarities to the Rotunda from University of Virginia.  The pillars are very Roman and pantheon-like, which makes it a perfect choice for grand and elaborate wedding dress.

Our third location was at Tatun Flower Farm 大屯花卉農場, about 45 minutes away from Taipei.  There ‘s an admission fee to go in.  I forgot the price but I think it is NTD 800 (or is it NTD300?) per pre-wedding photography group.  Although it is a flower farm, but we didn’t really see  mass field of flowers, but just few rows of flowers.  However, the flowers were good enough for the photographer to play around with the angles to create the sea of flowers effect !

The photo below is taken by Sammi, my make-up artist.  Yap. Just few rows of flowers…..  But in another photo you will see below, we look like as if we are in an endless field of flowers – thanks to Josh, our super professional photographer.

Our 4th location – still at the flower farm. Tatun flower farm has a lot of props and set-ups for pre wedding photos it was considered another location.. There’s the swing, the windmill, the piano, the church, the lake, the boat, so we spent quite a lot of time at the farm.

Our fifth location was at Shimen Wedding Plaza. The wedding plaza is very mediterranean with the white corridor and white structures and a typical way of taking photographs here would be wearing the wedding gown, with the blue sky as the background.

Initially I was a little against this area because it seemed a little too commercialized and too standard as it is a popular photo destination for pre wedding photography.   But it was recommended by Josh considering the flow of our route.  Linshan Cape was around the area as well, which was our 6th location.  Choosing two nearby locations would enable us to finish our shoot on time.  We discussed with Josh, and he did a great job at making the photos less typical by arranging to go to the plaza during sunset.

The sixth location Linshan Cape (麟山鼻遊憩區) , was just 5 minutes drive from Shimen Wedding Plaza.  Beautiful rocks formation with green, uum, I think it’s sea weed?

Behind the scenes.  Note the brown fabric above my head – when it’s let down, it’s my changing room !

The whole process took about 12 hours.  By the time we got back to Ivy Bridal, it was already 8pm! It was no easy job posing for the photos! Thanks to Josh giving us very specific directions like ” tilt your head slightly to the left”, “look a little to your right”, “step your right foot out”, making us not looking too rigid in the photos, and almost like professionals!  I must thank Mr Orange as well, the photography assistant, who was always running around, getting the lights at the right places, and setting the lower part of my dresses at the right places 🙂

My photos turned out to be gorgeous (and made me uped my budget for the photos…) Thanks to everyone in Ivy Bridal’s professional team:)

PS: If you would like to find out more about the package, please give a “like”  on my alwaystravelicious facebook page and PM me there.  Cheers!

Ivy Bridal
Address: N0. 42, Aiguo East Street, Taipei.
Tel : +88602-23560388
e-mail:[email protected]

The Six Locations
1.  Bopiliao Old Street 剝皮寮
2.  Ta Tung University 大同大學
3.  Tatun Flower Farm 大屯花卉農場 
4. Tatun Flower Farm (same location as above but using different settings and props)
5. Shimen Wedding Square 石門婚紗廣場
6.  Linshan Cape 麟山鼻遊憩區

Monga the Movie Website




  1. Beth

    Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us.
    May I ask approximately how much it cost for the pre-wedding photoshoot package you chose?
    My fiancé and I are going to Taiwan in march 2013 for our shoot. Hope you can give us a pretty close estimate so that we can check our budget and compare with other studios. Thank you!

      1. beth

        hi, thanks for replying. i hope it’s not too much trouble, can you re-send your email again? i’m not sure i was able to receive it or maybe i deleted it from the spam folder. i hope you understand. thank you!

  2. Stefanie

    Hi! 🙂 I want to ask for an email of the package too! 🙂 Can you please send it to me as well? 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  3. Barry

    Hi there. I was searching for wedding photography rates and found your post. Can you please send me rate and things they offering?

    Thank you.

  4. GL

    Thanks for sharing!!
    may i know how much u spend for the package? And the photos that u added, how many photos u added and how much it cost?

  5. Hui Yu

    Hi dear,

    We are engaging Ivy Brides for our pre-wedding photography shoot too, and we will be going this March 2013. Could you kindly share your package with me too? And any additionals that you paid for? Thanks!

  6. Jessica

    wow I loved your review and photos !! I would consider ivy bride, would you mind sharing the info with me as well ??

    thank you so very much if you can !!

        1. KJ @

          Hi Victor, sorry for late reply, was away for 2 weeks without much internet access! Could you leave a message on my FB page? And remember to like the page too! Will reply from there. Thanks~ KJ

    1. KJ @

      Hi Jacky, sorry for late reply, was away for 2 weeks without much internet access! Could you leave a message on my FB page? Will reply from there. And remember to like the page too! Thanks~ KJ

  7. Melissa

    Hi, Can you please send me you package detail as well? My BF and I are looking into getting our pre-wedding photos done in Taiwan as well. Thanks!

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    1. Susu


      I got a wedding package to let go from e-时尚, a well known TW wedding photo-shoot team, if you dun mind u could contact me, email: [email protected]. i cant go due to some personal reason, i cant bear to let it go seriously cos i bargained a good price though.

  9. Jessica

    Hi there, just wondering if you are able to share all or any details regarding the package you rec’d for your amazing pre-wedding photo shoot, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly!!!

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